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Save Time

Save time and money for your small business by working smarter, not harder. Time and money are two precious commodities that every small business owner wants to collect and see multiply with minimal effort. In an ideal world, a business owner would call on a fairy godmother or rub a magic lamp and wishes would be granted. Unfortunately, all of the fairy godmothers have all been laid off and there is a shortage of magic lamps on the market, so it’s up to the small business owner to make the magic happen.

The small business owner must work harder than ever to balance behind the scenes business tasks while providing excellent service to clients. Working smarter, by including outsourcing as part of the business plan, is an ideal solution. Outsourcing, using non-company resources to complete internal business tasks, frees time and money, allowing the small business owner to focus on the primary goal of customer service.

Numerous companies provide outsourcing services for small businesses. Many national outsourcing companies offer accounting, advertising and marketing, website construction and maintenance, human resources and payroll, as well as information technology services, of course we hope that you will choose ONE Systems as your provider of choice because we pride ourselves on providing, high value, high productivity, and very quality development services.

Outsourcing allows the small business to pay for services only when they are needed. For example, it doesn’t make fiscal sense to pay for an in-house payroll department if payroll duties are only needed on a part-time basis. Instead, hire ADP or another outsourcing company to take over the responsibility of employee payroll. Moving internal services to outsourcing vendors allows the business to convert a fixed cost expense to a variable cost by removing the burden of paying a full-time salary to an employee who is only needed on a part-time basis. Not only does this remove a salary from the company’s capital expenses column, it also removes cost of an employee benefits package, limits tax responsibility and reduces required office space, supplies and utility bills.

Do the homework and find the best outsourcing vendor to fit your company’s needs. Often, the deciding factor is cost for services, but there are other considerations. Ensure that the vendor is able to meet your business’s specific needs and provide a level of expertise that will benefit your business. If the outsourcing service offer prices that are too good to be true, consider that the tradeoff might be less experienced staff or limited services. Be aware that selecting the least expensive solution could end up costing your small business more in time and money since you will have to make up for the vendor’s shortcomings. When choosing an outsourcing service, always seek references. Talk with your vendors and other small business owners in your community. Speak to your colleagues, competitors and your clients. Find out who they use for their outsourcing needs. You will find that we offer a very competitive alternative.

The end goal of outsourcing business tasks is to work smarter, not harder. Since the fairy godmothers are laid off indefinitely and magic lamps are on backorder, do yourself a favor and take the time to learn more about how outsourcing can save time and money for your company. Please contact ONE Systems and learn how outsourcing information technology services can be the next best thing to a magic lamp