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Shamefully hanging out our shingle.

ONE Systems appreciates STARWARS, and in an effort to continue to do so, many of our product names pay homage to aspects of the SAGA, while blatantly skirting the edge of plagiarism without actually crossing the line. (At least as far as we know.)

mp3po - Sound file splitting tool.

  • Allows audio books delivered as a very long single mp3 file to be split into more manageable chunks.
  • Auto silence detection.
  • Auto click and pop removal.
  • Min and max chunk size options.
  • File ID3 content customization.
  • Drag and drop splitting.
  • Auto track list creation.
  • Progress indication and auto playback.
  • Much more...

rdp3po - Remote Desktop Management tool.

  • Replaces Terminal Server Manager.
  • Auto detection of RDP clients.
  • Full Encryption.
  • Drag drop in the app.
  • Server icon or a user selectable one.
  • Visual indication of Host state.
  • More....

NaviGator - time driving efficiency advisor.

  • Uses data from any and all of the following to advise a driver of their current mpg efficiency. The data itself is derived by using a combination of  the following GPS, public mapping data, OBD II Data, GPS, Cell Towers, public weather information, etc. The system accuracy gracefully degrades as one or more data points becomes available or unavailable. Each element is weighted as to importance in overall efficiency and a calculation is made.
    • Posted Speed
    • Driving Speed
    • Acceleration
    • Predicted Grade
    • Actual Grade
    • Road Material
    • Lateral Vectoring
    • Wind Velocity
    • Wind Direction (Assisting or Degrading)
    • TPI (Tire Pressure Indicator Data)
    • Barometric Pressure.
    • EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature)
    • Fuel Consumption.
    • Fuel Load
    • Aerodynamic State
    • Engine Timing.
    • TPS (Throttle Position Sensor)
    • Historical data
    • O2 data
    • Terrain based route selection.